Payment Protection Insurance Compensation Claims

You can re-claim any Payment Protection Insurance up to £2400.

If you’ve had a loan, mortgage or a credit card in the last 10 years, you may  be owed compensation due to mis-sold PPI. Millions of pounds have been successfully been re-claimed so far.

How to make a claim?

You could appoint a agent to re-claim on your behalf.  Their knowledge and expertise will help you to claim the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled.

You may wish to pursue the claim yourself directly with the lender and, if necessary, through the Financial Ombudsman or Financial Services Compensation Scheme, without any charge. However, an agents knowledge in the area will make the claims process as stress free as possible for you. It’s your choice if you wanted to deal with the claim yourself or appoint an agent on your behalf.

How long before you receive your compensation?

In some cases lenders have settled claim’s fairly quickly, but this will depend on how straightforward your claim may be. You may find some lenders can take longer and often miss deadlines for or making an offer to settle and can make incorrect offers and reject claims with little or no explanation. However, an agent’s knowledge and expertise will help you obtain your compensation as quickly as possible and the correct amount amount.